Trangistics Celebrates One Year Of Making History on Record-Setting New Microchip Factory

PHOENIX – February 13, 2024 – Trangistics, a leading logistics partner for high-tech construction projects, celebrates one year of its partnership with general contractor United Integrated Services (UIS) in supporting the construction of a new, $40 billion computer chip manufacturing plant in Arizona.

The ambitious new factory — owned and operated by manufacturer Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) — will be the most advanced semiconductor facility in the country, and represents one of the largest direct foreign investments in the history of the United States. When fully functional, the facility will produce 25,000 microchips per month for premier clients such as Apple, Amazon, and NVIDIA. The project is part of a larger federal initiative to increase microchip production within the country’s borders, and the site was even visited by President Joe Biden to reinforce its importance. “It’s exciting to be part of such an important project,” explains Trangistics CEO Joey Hougham. “We are immensely proud to contribute our expertise to this innovative undertaking.”

Construction on the project is being handled by UIS, who manages more than 4,000 active workers on site every day. The size of the project is made more complicated by the fact that many necessary components and materials are being shipped from Taiwan. As the project’s primary logistics manager, that provides plenty of challenges for Trangistics. The process involves receiving hundreds of shipping containers from overseas, stocking their inventory, and managing the delivery of the right materials at the right time to the job site. “Trangistics has proven to be an invaluable logistics partner for UIS,” says UIS President CM Lai, “In the face of operational and cultural complexities, they consistently demonstrate their commitment by delivering the requisite materials to the job site at the right time.”

Trangistics project manager Matt Risser echoes Lai’s note about cultural complexities on such an international undertaking. “Developing relationships with our customers’ workforce has helped us gain trust with each other, especially in understanding both the American and Taiwanese sides of operations,” says Risser, “The goal is to always work as a team for the greater good for our client’s success.”

Phase One of the plant, which will cover 650,000 square feet, will begin producing microchips in early 2025. Trangistics plans to continue its relationship with UIS through all phases of construction and beyond into new projects.


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